Climate in Peterborough

The proximity of the Great Lakes to Peterborough results in a moderate climate with fewer variations in temperature and greater levels of precipitation. The lakes provide a cooling effect in summer with normal temperatures in the mid twenties.

Thunderstorms can be frequent especially when heat waves occur raising temperatures above 30°C and lasting upwards of a week. Generally fall is pleasantly mild with daytime highs varying from 20°C in early fall to well below freezing in late fall.

The first snowfall often occurs in early November, prior to that the region will experience frost with temperatures dipping down to near zero by late September. Normal winter temperatures range from -5°C to 0°C but with currents of cold arctic air causing cold snaps, temperatures can drop below -20°C Warm air masses from the Gulf of Mexico do offer some welcome relief. Lake effect snow and snow squalls often occur during the spring and fall months. The last snowfall of the winter season is often experienced in late March. By May, life returns to the area, temperatures rise and rain often falls.

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